Greens Freak (256g)

$ 47.99

Green Freak is Pharma Freak's most complete superfood formula of its kind! Each ingredient found in Green Freak has a specific role to help performance and support optimal health! The only thing more complete is combing your wellness program with a custom workout from our fitness app on tryfitnessonline.com, get started now with 14 days for free!

Greens Freak is loaded with the world’s most concentrated super green foods which include, Barley, Alfalfa and Wheatgrass, Spirulina, and High-CGF Chlorella.

Zen 40 Serves

$ 79.99
Before: $ 84.00

Not getting a good rest? Tossing and Turning at night? If you wake and already feel the exhaustion it's time to tune into White Wolf's Zen. 

Hailing from Australia, White Wolf Zen will help you achieve just that. ZEN. This comprehensive formula helps improve focus & mood, reduces stress & increases restful sleep. Made from 100% natural good sources of vitamins and minerals. 

You'd be surprised how regular bad sleep is, with 2 out 5 people regularly experiencing inadequate sleep. White Wolf has released Zen to help you get the most out of your good night's sleep in order to help keep looking good and feeling good. 

The special blend of ingredients is formulated to synergistically work together to bring you a supplement that will increase cognitive function, boost your mood, reduce stress, all whilst encouraging a deep restful sleep for optimal recovery. On top of this Zen will also improve your gut health, improve oxygen flow to the muscles during workouts and reduce fatigue.

This is a perfect product to help you recover, whilst the Try Fitness Online APP will get you moving with a customized workout plan from an expert personal trainer for just $7.99 a week. Try a 2-week workout program for free today at tryfitnessonline.com. Take this product 30 minutes before going to bed. 

Lifestyle Glow 30 Serves

$ 79.00
Before: $ 89.00

Your skin gives away a lot. Like the body's ability to combat stress, what you have been eating, balance hormones, and tolerate the environment, so let's start showing it some love... Introducing GHOST® GLOW, the skin-boosting, detoxifying powerhouse formulated to keep you feeling 100. GHOST® GLOW brings a fully efficacious formula, fully transparent label, and amazing flavours to deliver results, period.

Ghost Lifestyle Glow features:

  • GHOST® full disclosure label
  • 250MG Astrion™
  • 250MG Setria® L-Glutathione
  • 4000MG Inositol
  • Soy-free, gluten-free & sugar-free

Estro-X Freak (60 Caps)

$ 58.99

PharmaFreak's Estro-X Freak is a hybrid supplement with the clinically studied KSM-66 Ashwagandha. Available in 60 veggie capsules - this supplement is for both men and women who are looking to support a healthy balanced diet.

Combined perfectly with our personal training app on tryfitnessonline.com, check it out today with 14 days completely free.   

Diindolylmethane Dim (90 Caps)

$ 42.95

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a natural compound formed during the breakdown of plants and the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, from the Brassica genus of plants. Some of the vegetables that contain indole-3-carbinol include, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale. In fact, many of the positive health-promoting benefits of these vegetables are due to the activity of DIM in the body.


Estrogen is broken down in the body into different metabolites. Each of these metabolites has different effects on the body. Some metabolites are low estrogenic and offer many benefits in the body and some are highly estrogenic, which are not as favorable. Research studies suggest that exercise works to increase the low estrogenic metabolites and decrease the high estrogenic metabolites and supplementation with DIM is also used by many people to support these effects.


Both men and women use DIM to support healthy estrogen metabolism and hormonal balance in the body. Many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness competitors like to stack DIM with other ingredients to achieve their desired goals.

Give yourself an edge in achieving your goals, the perfect combination with our personal training APP. If you aren't on our APP already you can get 14 days of FREE personal training now at www.tryfitnessonline.com

Teacrine 60 Caps

$ 44.99
Clinically tested. Proven performance. TEACRINE is a non-stimulant patented compound that delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation & mood.